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Thank you so much for my reading today Julie. You were spot on with everything and truly made me feel more positive (I can't remember the last time I felt that) I will definitely be back and will also recommend. Thank you :-)
Nicola, Hemel Hempstead
My reading with Julie was very good. Other readings I have had in the past with other people haven't been so on point to the questions that I had in my head before going but Julie picked up on everything that I wanted answers to straight away without any prompting from me. I was originally only going to book a 30 minute appointment but changed my mind and booked for an hour...I'm glad I did as the time went very fast and if I'd only seen her for 30 minutes we wouldn't have covered everything that I wanted answers to (and I only had a couple of questions). Definitely worth a visit and good value for money. 
Adele, Hemel Hempstead
I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave on tuesday, sorry I wasn't able to thank you properly, it was very emotional for me but I had a great experience. I can't believe how spot on you were with everything you said and it's really helped to make sense of a lot of things going on in my life. I didn't expect to communicate with Stephen but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to hear from him again, I have passed the messages on to my family as well, they would like to send their thanks and let you know that the insight you provided has been a great comfort for all of us.
Sally, Hemel Hempstead
I just want to thank you Julie for the reading last week. You were so accurate and very genuine. It definitely helped me to find a little bit of peace. I will certainly be recommending you to others!! Thank you x
Katarina, Hemel Hempstead
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for tonight as you really hit every nail on the head. The only bit of the evening I was unable to take were the 3 names, Sylvia, Jean and Dorothy however on going to my mothers straight from the reading, she confirmed that these were in fact my nans sisters who I had never met. My mother was over the moon with the detail and information you gave me as it is clarification for her that her Mum is happy and carrying on somewhere we will all soon visit. Looking forward to visiting you again soon
Clare, Hemel Hempstead
I had a very good reading. The cards were mostly career related which is exactly why I went for a reading. Julie makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. She successfully brought my Grandad through, described him to a tee, and mentioned things only close Family would know about. I left smiling and knowing I was on the right path.
Kelly, Hemel Hempstead
Last year I have seen Julie to have a full reading and everything what we were talking about, came alive in my life.  We had another consultation and I was surprised to hear how many new things can come in my way. I am excited and looking forward to the new challenges and the positive things in my life. Thank you Julie for the reading!
Brigitte, Hemel Hempstead
I had my first reading with Julie and was absolutely delighted with the detail and information she gave to me. Julie was very clear from the start of how she works, and that if she gave me a name or something I could not take I was just to say I could not take it. Julie gave me the name 'Bob', of which I said I could not take so we carried on with the reading. However a couple of days later I was having coffee with a friend who had lost her husband 6 years ago, his name is Bob! It came to me there and then, so I said to my friend he was obviously trying to get through to her. My friend has since visited Julie and was extremely pleased with her reading too. In fact I have recommended two further people, all of whom have been delighted with their readings. Thank you Julie, I will definitely return for another reading, and can definitely recommend her.
Tina, Hemel Hempstead
Although I have had a few readings, this was the first one that I felt at home with. The surroundings are warm, friendly and uplifting. The card readings were inspiring and made me feel very positive about my future. I feel like I have really lovely things to look forward too. You were very accurate about my nan and was so lovely to hear things that only her and I would take about. I would also be happy to recommend you. Thank you x
Leanne, Hemel Hempstead
I came to see you last week, I just want to thank you, you were amazing!
Caitlin, Hemel Hempstead
Thank you for a wonderful reading last night. The cards were amazing. I've never had Angel Cards before and it was fascinating. I am elighted that you saw a new job on the horizon as to be honest, I'm suffering a little with my two colleagues in my current role and I can't see it lasting long term. I will keep faithful on your vision and pray for the new job to appear before my eyes. I am so glad that Dennis will help me resolve the issues with our house. It's comforting to think that the forces that we cannot see are with me on his matter. I am so happy that Dennis is with me in spirit at home. I really don't find it easy without his presence and strength to guide.
Collette, Hemel Hempstead
I have had two readings with Julie.  She has been so accurate and very genuine.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She engaged with my issues which were not obvious.  Thanks Julie, x
Fran, Hemel Hempstead
Thank you Julie for a fantastic reading last week. Was actually taken aback by how much you got right and although at the time messages from the spirits seemed somewhat a little vague talking to family members you were actually spot on with that too. Amazing. Will certainly recommend to to others as well as use you again in the future xx thank you
Amy, Hemel Hempstead
I would just like to Thank you for my Reading earlier at Highfield Hall. I havent smiled like that in ages!
Jo, Hemel Hempstead
Hi Julie, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you the readings last night. Whilst you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, I found it positive and it has given me a sense of peace of mind, along with a lot of optimism!
Jo, Hemel Hempstead
Thank you Julie for my reading last night it was great and positive will definatley be back.
Sam, Welwyn
Thanks Julie - it was great to meet you - it was a fantastic experience!
Faye, Hatfield
Hi Julie, Thank you for the reading, it did help me to find a little bit of peace.
Monika, St. Albans
I had a reading with Julie on Wednesday evening,I found it very uplifting and positive and am looking forward to my future, Julie was very friendly and i will be recommending her to my friends and family xxxx
Donna, Welwyn Garden City
Hi Julie, Thank you so much for my reading last night.  It was very good and has made me feel more at ease with everything that is going on in my life right now.  I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It was very accurate and I will be recommending you to my friends and family, well worth the 75 mile round trip to see you! Best wishes and Kind Regards
Louise, Buntingford
Thankyou for my Dad's and my reading. It was very enlightening and gave us a lot of things to think about. Very comforting for us both, thankyou Julie.
Claire, Hemel Hempstead
Hi Julie, thank you so much for myself and mums reading on tuesday, we both felt so much better knowing the things you told us, it really helped, and it was lovely to meet you thank you so much
Michelle, Hemel Hempstead
I went to julie a few weeks ago with my mum ,we both had fantastic accurate readings and when i asked julie was my nan with my grandad ,the next angel card was a message from my nan , it read i am happy and with my loved ones and she loves me very much so great !!! then a couple of weeks later my husband booked a visit i went with him as understably she dosent see men on there own ,his was really good she mentioned that his mum was telling her to say tiny tim ,that was what my husbands parents used to call him when he was young because he was so small (he soon grew out of that )lol it was a really good reading and gave him a lot of confidence in his new venture that he has been thinking about ,julie could see that he was planning this . so great thankyou julie xxxx
Alison, Hemel Hempstead
Thank you so much for the insightful reading, Julie. It was uplifting and accurate! xxx
Janie, Hertfordshire
I was very pleased with Julie's reading, she gave me accurate messages from family that have passed away and when asked for her to tell me something i didn't know about my dad she told me something that my dad confirmed. I would recommend Julie to my family and friends and would have another reading with her in the future.
Natalie, Hemel Hempstead
A great reading, Julie made me feel completely relaxed and explained everything fully to me. It was an inspiring reading, I would definitely go back!
Michelle G. Berkhamsted

Hi Julie, I just wanted to say thank you for doing my reading, it meant alot to me and what you said really made sense. I would happily come back to you again! Take care.
Melissa F. Hemel Hempstead
I had my first reading ever with Julie last evening and would like to say how at ease I felt. Julie was spot on with many many things. I feel like certain barriers in life can now lift for me and was delighted to know that love lives on. Thank you Julie!
Louise B. Hemel Hempstead
I have had a number of readings with Julie and they have all been uncannily accurate, from past to future happenings.I have derived a lot of comfort from these readings. Even when there isnt such great news it has always been delivered with care and compassion.If you are in any doubt about having a reading go for it!! and I cant recommend Julie enough !!
Carol G. Essex
Dear Julie, can't thank-you enough, positive proof, from our daughter Faye.
Jacqueline. (Reading by Email)
Insightful reading! thank you x
Zara. (Reading by Email)
Lovely lady, brilliant reading
Gill. (Reading by Email)
Excellent reading thankyou
Marie. (Reading by Email)
A scarily accurate reading. Definately recommended
Louise. (Reading by Email)
A truly beautiful reading - thank you xxx
Niki. (Reading by Email)
Amazing I'll be back for more many thanks
Alex. (Reading by Email)
Lovely reading - would recommend - Thanks!!!
Alison. (Reading by Email)
Excellent reading full of good insight and advice. Deeply caring person
Susan. (Reading by Email)
Hi Julie, thank you this is a very accurate reading and very inspiring
Annalisa. (Reading by Email)
Hi Julie, thank you very much for a really good reading. spot on x
Pauline. (Reading by Email)
Readings should be viewed as being for entertainment purposes only and in no way replaces proper legal, financial or medical advice.
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