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‘The Psychic Postman’
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Your 1-2-1 Reading will start with a short Angel and Fairy Card Reading. The main difference between the decks has to do with the different focus of Angels and Fairies when helping people. The Angels main concern is helping you remember your Divine life purpose and giving you the courage to fulfil this important mission. The Fairies are more involved with helping you ‘lighten up’ so you can have more fun. While you shuffle the cards, ask a question. This question can be about any life area or you just ask “What would you like me to know at this time?”

Next I will do a Tarot Reading for you. The Tarot cards will give me an insight into your current situations and possible future. They give guidance, direction, and hope. I am often asked “Please don’t tell me anything bad”. I work with Love and Light. I am only interested in giving you upliftment and encouragement. In every ‘bad’ situation there is a road to recovery, a path to success, a positive outcome, comfort and peace. We all just need our Angel to shine a light on our pathway.

Finally, I will work with Mediumship. This part of the Reading is purely proof of Spirit. Your Loved Ones will connect. They will often talk about past memories, family or friend connections, special anniversaries, situations around you or those close to you, in fact, anything that you personally understand and will take as evidence of Eternal Life.

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Readings should be viewed as being for entertainment purposes only and in no way replaces proper legal, financial or medical advice.
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